Prof. James Cattell Trying to Raise $5,000 to Further John Scopes' Education Hot

Prof. James Cattell Trying to Raise $5,000 to Further John Scopes' Education

James McKeen Cattell
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James McKeen Cattell, editor of Science and the first professor of psychology in the United States at the University of Pennsylvania, announces that he is trying to raise $5,000 to help John Scopes take graduate courses in biology at a university somewhere.

So far, a little over $1,000 has been donated. Professor Maynard M. Metcalf of Johns Hopkins and Professor Kirtley Mather of Harvard both chair the Scopes fund committee.

James Cattell says:

"He's entirely without financial resources. Scientific men who were in Dayton during the trial and came to know him are trying to raise the necessary $5,000.

Any sum in excess will be devoted to promotion of the scientific study of evolution."


John Scopes Trial Festival, Dayton, Tennessee

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