Tennessee's Governor Peay Says State Will Fight John Scopes Appeal

Tennessee's Governor Peay Says State Will Fight John Scopes Appeal

Governor Austin Peay Breaks Ground in Dayton for the William Jennings Bryan College

Governor Austin Peay of Tennessee announces that the state will fight any efforts to appeal the decision in last month's Scopes Monkey Trial.

According to Peay:

"What the effect of the evolution trial at Dayton will have in the long run is for the future. Surely it will cause a more widespread investigation of the whole theory of evolution that will go a long way to clarify the atmosphere.

The reckless teaching of a subject which has been carried on until now and going uncorrected and undiagnosed, has been steadily making agnostics and unbelievers among our youth in shocking numbers.

Ours from the beginning has been a Christian nation. Its doom is sealed and its descent toward oblivion well begun whenever we embrace infidelity and agnosticism as a people.

The story writers and sensation-mongers who crowded Dayton during the trial as if they were having a Roman holiday, made great sport of it and some of them were bitterly unjust and unkind to the people whose hospitality they accepted and of whose noble qualities they knew little or nothing.

The fact is, they were among clear seeing and thinking people who have no superiors in natural intelligence and excellent qualities in the world...

Tennessee is a sovereign state and except as forbidden by federal legislation has absolute and conclusive control to regulate its local concerns and to employ its police powers without any federal interference.


God v. Darwin: The Scopes Trial

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