Kurt Tucholsky Writes that Germany's Far-Right is Mobilizing for Violence Hot

Kurt Tucholsky Writes that Germany's Far-Right is Mobilizing for Violence

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In Weltbühne (English: "The World Stage"), a German weekly magazine focused on politics, art, and business, Kurt Tucholsky writes about how Germany's far-right is mobilizing for violence.

A German-Jewish journalist, satirist and writer, Tucholsky is one of the most important journalists in the Weimar Republic. He frequently writes to warn about anti-democratic tendencies in Germany's far-right and the threat posed by movements like the Nazi Party.

Tucholsky writes:

"We have not had a revolution in Germany — but we are certainly having a counter-revolution."

Tucholsky is referring to the fact that there has been no socialist transformation of Germany, but despite that the far-right is already mobilizing street soldiers to go after communists, socialists, and members of other leftist groups.

Kurt Tucholsky's writings will be banned under the Nazi government and he will have his German citizenship revoked.


Kurt Tucholsky "Deutschland erwache!"v (1930)

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