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Austrian workers, primarily from Bohemia and Moravia, create the Deutsche Arbeiterspartei (DAP, English: German Workers Party) in Trautenau, Austro-Hungary (later Trutnov, Czech Repulic). Two of the party's first leaders come from Linz, where Adolf Hitler's family is currently living.

This is not the same DAP which will be founded in Munich in 1919 by Anton Drexler and which will be transformed into the NSDAP by Adolf Hitler, but it does have the name, some of the ideas, and even some of the people which will become part of that later German movement.

The Deutsche Arbeiterspartei describes itself as a "freiheitliche nationale Partei" (liberal national party), and their original political program is radical rather than reactionary. Members demand freedom of speech, press, and assembly, universal and equal franchise, and local self-government.

They describe their purpose as "fighting with all its strength against the reactionary tendencies, feudal, clerical, and capitalist privileges as well as all foreign influences" to oppose "the untenable conditions of the society of today" and help "the social rise of the workers."

The nationalist aspect of this program will take precedence over the parts pledged to protect workers; in 1913, a new platform will denounce "the teachings of the Social Democratic Party Saint Marx." It will be especially critical of immigrants: "The German employer took the cheaper Slav workers; but the red organization refuses to give the German party veterans the protection to which they are entitled." And of course, Jews will be blamed because the Marxist movement "is led by Jews and closely allied with the big mobile capitalists [international financiers]."

These alleged connections between international capitalists, Jews, and Social Democrats will feature prominently in Hitler's Mein Kampf as well in most of the propaganda used by the Nazi Party.

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