Birth of Hermann Rauschning, Conservative Politician Who Flees the Nazis

Birth of Hermann Rauschning, Conservative Politician Who Flees the Nazis

Hermann Rauschning

Hermann Rauschning is born in Thorn, Prussia. As a politician Hermann Rauschning will be extremely conservative and even reactionary, for example believing that Poland should be a vassal state of Germany.

Because of views like this, he will share much in common with the Nazis and even briefly joins the Nazi Party. However, he is turned off by the violent anti-Semitism which lies at the heart of Nazi ideology and is thus driven off.

In 1936 Hermann Rauschning flees Germany because he senses that his opposition to Nazi political goals puts him in personal danger. While abroad he tries to work with other German emigres and refugees, but most of them are leftists who abhor Rauschning's reactionary political views.

In 1940 Rauschning publishes the book Gespräche mit Hitler (Hitler Speaks, Conversations with Hitler), a memoir of what he claims are more than 100 conversations he had with Adolf Hitler between 1932 and 1934. Later historians will conclude that while the book was excellent propaganda for the Allies, the material itself is not authentic.

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