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American philosopher George Plimpton Adams is born in Northboro, Massachusetts. His work will focus largely on the nature of philosophy — specifically, he believes that philosophers face an insoluble paradox which threatens to undermine the very nature of their work.

According to Adams, the most important issues which philosophers have to deal with are those which exist outside the boundaries of human knowledge. This leaves two basic options: criticize the philosophical writings of others, or produce new writings that are dependent not upon reason but rather on intuition.

George Adams will reject both of these options as unpleasant — but there is a third possible choice. What Adams advocates is that philosophers adopt the sort of idealism which becomes relatively popular through the work of American philosopher Josiah Royce and accept that reality cannot be known or understood with a great deal of precision and certainty.

This sort of idealism provided philosophers with a great deal more room to operate than a much more restricted naturalism and pragmatism.

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