Friedrich Nietzsche Gets Initial Ideas for Book Zarathustra Hot

Friedrich Nietzsche Gets Initial Ideas for Book Zarathustra

Friedrich Nietzsche, 1890

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Friedrich Nietzsche gets the initial ideas for his book Zarathustra and develops the concept of the eternal return. Material originally intended for The Dawn is worked into The Gay Science.

In Ecce Homo, Nietzsche himself explains:

"I shall now tell the story of Zarathustra. The basic conception of the work, the idea of the eternal return, the highest formula of affirmation that can possibly be attained — belongs to the August of the year 1881: it was jotted down on a piece of paper with the inscription: '6,000 feet beyond man and time.' I was that day walking through the woods beside the lake of Silvaplana; I stopped beside a mighty pyramidal block of stone which reared itself up not far from Surlei. Then this idea came to me."


Nietzsche on Pain and Pleasure

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