Birth of Klara Pölzl, Mother of Adolf Hitler Hot

Birth of Klara Pölzl, Mother of Adolf Hitler

Klara Pölzl (Hitler), 1870s

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Klara Pölzl, later the mother of Adolf Hitler, is born in Spital, Austria, to Johanna Huettler and Johann Baptist Pölzl. Johanna Huettler's father is Johann Nepomuk Hiedler.

He or his brother, Johann Georg Hiedler, is the father of Alois, Klara's eventual husband with whom she becomes the mother of Adolf Hitler. Thus Adolf Hitler's parents are great-uncle and grand-niece.

Klara Pölzl will become Klara Hitler when she marries her uncle Alois at the age of 24, eight years after he hires her as a household servant.


3. Reich — Hitlers Familie

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