Francis II Dissolves the Holy Roman Empire, Making him the Last Holy Roman Emperor Hot

Francis II Dissolves the Holy Roman Empire, Making him the Last Holy Roman Emperor

Holy Roman Emperor Francis II
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Francis II becomes the last Holy Roman Emperor when he dissolves the Holy Roman Empire after his disastrous defeat at the hands of Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz.

In 1804 he had founded the Austrian Empire, naming himself Francis I, first Emperor of Austria. Thus from 1804 to 1806 he was the world's first and only Doppelkaiser (double emperor)

Between 1804 and 1806, Francis referred to himself as by the grace of God elected Roman Emperor, always August, hereditary Emperor of Austria.

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Rated by michael brookfield    09-02-12

If Francis permitted his subordinates to arrest and
try suspected Jacobins in Austria, he also insisted
on allowing normal legal processes to work, often
to their advantage. He was determined not to
violate his own Enlightenment principles while
attempting to stamp out the violent revolutionary
radicalism that he deplored. And this during a most
dangerous time for his country - the Napoleonic
wars with France.
President Obama take note!

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