Death of Pope Pius VI in France Hot

Death of Pope Pius VI in France

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Pope Pius VI dies in Valence, France. One problem for Pope Pius VI has been the development of Febronianism, a doctrine which attacks the central ideas behind papal supremacy.

According to Febronianism, all bishops are equal and popes claim more powers and privileges than is justified by early church traditions.

Secular leaders find Febronianism appealing because it promises to undermine the independence of Catholic churches within their borders. Some secular leaders will go so far as to call for the nationalization of the Catholic churches and increased tolerance of differences among Christian denominations.

An even more serious issue which Pope Pius VI had to deal with was the French Revolution. Early on he accepted the developments in France, but when Catholic priests were forced to swear loyalty to the state instead of the church, Pius condemned both the French government and the Rights of Man document. It probably didn't help that he was burned in effigy by Parisians at the Palais Royal.

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