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Birth of Reactionary Pope Leo XII

Pope Leo XII

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Pope Leo XII is born Annibale Francesco Clemente Melchiore Girolamo Nicola Sermattei della Genga in Italy to a noble family.

He will be elected pope despite active opposition from France, and only because it's thought that he won't live long anyway. His health recovers, however, and his pontificate will last over five years.

A very reactionary pope, Leo XII will primarily be supported in his election by the most conservative cardinals. He will oppose modern ideas in both religion and politics, and this will make him extremely unpopular in society generally.

In the sphere of religion, Pope Leo XII will condemn religious freedom, religious toleration, and Freemasonry. In the political sphere, Pope Leo XII will restore feudal aristocracy in the Papal States, restrict Jews to ghettos, and engage in surveillance over all aspects of daily life.

When it comes to Catholics, though, Pope Leo XII will demand equitable treatment and object any time a governments engage in the slightest discrimination against Catholic citizens.

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