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Death of Pope Innocent XI

Pope Innocent XI

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Pope Innocent XI dies. Born Benedetto Odescalchi in Milan, much of his reign was marred by conflicts with the king of France.

In fact, the conflicts began even before Pope Innocent XI was elected. He had earlier been blocked by King Louis XIV of France from succeeding Clement IX, and the same almost happened again when the Clement X died, but by that point Odescalchi had become so popular that the king was forced to relent.

Louis tried to make peace with Pope Innocent XI by presenting himself as a zealous Catholic. For example, he revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and engaged in widespread persecution of French Protestant Huguenots.

Such actions might have worked, if he hadn't also convinced the French clergy to publish the Gallican Articles. This document denied that the pope has any authority in secular matters and claimed he is subordinate to general church councils. Pope Innocent XI, naturally enough, denounced the document and was not at all well-disposed towards the king of France.

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