First Jew Arrives in American - Jacob Barsimson Hot

First Jew Arrives in American - Jacob Barsimson

New Amsterdam, 1672

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Jacob Barsimson becomes the first Jew to set foot in America. He arrives on the ship Pear Tree from Amsterdam, the location of the first Jewish community in Holland, which was established in 1608.

Barsimon has been sent by the leaders of the Jewish community to determine how feasible the New Amsterdam colony would be for large-scale Jewish immigration.

Dutch Brazil has recently fallen to the Portugese, and while the Dutch are relatively tolerant, the Portugese are not. Many of the Jewish settlers in Brazil actually went there to escape the Portugese, and now that the Inquisition is coming to them there, they need a place to escape to. Jewish leaders in Holland hope that New Amsterdam will be suitable, and after Jacob Barsimson sends back a positive report, a party of twenty-three Jews travels from Recife, Brazil, to create the first real Jewish settlement in North America.

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