Election of Urban VIII, Last Pope to Use Military Force to Expand Papal Territory

Election of Urban VIII, Last Pope to Use Military Force to Expand Papal Territory

Pope Urban VIII
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Urban VIII is elected pope. Born Maffeo Barberini, he will be the last pope to use military force to expand papal territory, and he accumulates massive debts that his successors will have trouble maintaining the papacy's political influence.

Infamous for his nepotism, historians will label his actions "reckless nepotism" because Pope Urban VIII goes so much further than other popes in appointing relatives to influential positions in the Catholic Church.

A brother and two nephews were made cardinals, and many other members of his family were advanced in the Church hierarchy.

Urban VIII is also known for some rather unorthodox beliefs. His fears of others cause him to turn to magicians for protection, even having them perform a ceremony in the Vatican to ward off evil spirits.

He also has horoscopes drawn up for important figures so as to know exactly when they would die. Despite his own penchant for such unorthodox ideas, Pope Urban VIII will not hesitate to condemn the ideas of Galileo or censure a book by Conelius Janesen.

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