Three Women From Samlesbury England Tried as Witches Hot

Three Women From Samlesbury England Tried as Witches

Samlesbury Witches

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Samlesbury Witches: In one of the most infamous witch trials in England's history, three women from Samlesbury, a village in Lancashire, England, are put on trial for witchcraft over the next two days.

Thomas Potts, the clerk to the court, will publish a detailed account of the trial, giving people a good understanding of what goes on. This is part of a larger series of trials, with eleven people in total being hanged for witchcraft.

Like other witchcraft trials during the 16th and 17th centuries, this one appears to be designed to assert orthodoxy over heresy — a critical issue in a region where Protestantism and Catholicism are both vying for the right to be the only true "orthodox" Christian church.


Lancashire Witches, 'Trail of the Witch'

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