Death of Pope Sixtus V, Violent Opponent of Protestant Reformation Hot

Death of Pope Sixtus V, Violent Opponent of Protestant Reformation

Pope Sixtus V
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Pope Sixtus V dies in Rome. Born Felice Peretti di Montalto, he was a fierce opponent of the Protestant Reformation even while still a priest.

As pope, he continued his efforts to defeat Protestantism, for example by supporting the plans of Philip II of Spain to invade England and restore it to Catholicism. That, however, ended in a humiliating defeat for the Spanish Armada.

Violence is, in fact, a tool that Pope Sixtus V resorts to more than once when it comes to establishing his preferred form of political order. Another example is how he brings peace to the Papal States: eliminating groups of bandits by executing thousands of them.

Pope Sixtus V increased the papal treasury by collecting new taxes and selling various offices. He built and refurbished many churches in Rome, rebuilt the Lateran palace, finished the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, and erected many new monuments and buildings.

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