King Henri IV of Navarre Marries Marugerite de Valois Hot

King Henri IV of Navarre Marries Marugerite de Valois

King Henry IV of Navarre and Marguerite de Valois
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King Henry IV of Navarre marries Marguerite de Valois in Paris. Because Henry is a Huguenot, he has to remain outside the Notre Dame cathedral while the ceremony is performed.

This wedding occurs just six days before St. Bartholomew's Day, the date of the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. It's probably no coincidence that the wedding has attracted many of the richest, most prominent Protestants to Catholic Paris.

Most of these prominent Huguenots are targeted for assassination before the mob violence is launched. Marguerite de Valois will save the lives of her husband and several other important Huguenots by hiding them in her rooms and refusing to let the assassins enter.


La Reine Margot: wedding of Marguerite de Valois and Henri de Bourbon

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