Hapsburg Regent Margaret of Parma Meets With Protestant Leaders Hot

Hapsburg Regent Margaret of Parma Meets With Protestant Leaders

Margaret of Parma, Hapsburg Regent for the Netherlands

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Margaret of Parma, the Hapsburg Regent or Governor-general of the Netherlands, meets with a group of aristocratic Protestant leaders called the "Compromise" or Geuzen ("Beggars") to work out an agreement that would end recent religious violence.

In the end, the two sides sign an accord by which Protestants will cease harassing Catholics and attacking Catholic buildings, while Protestants will be allowed to continue worshipping and preaching unmolested.

The Accord should have worked, but the mob passions which the aristocrats had originally unleashed in order to force Catholic leaders to the bargaining table prove to be much harder to contain. The violence is almost constant, though it varies in severity and location. This causes some elite Protestants to begin supporting the Catholic government's desire to crack down.

Philip II of Spain will send an army under the command of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of Alba. He replaces Margaret of Parma as Governor-general and begins a nationwide suppression of religious liberties. This causes even more problems than the original violence and leads to the Dutch Revolt in a few years, which in turn leads to Dutch independence from Spain.

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