Louis II of Hungary Defeated by Suleiman I at Battle of Mohacs Hot

Louis II of Hungary Defeated by Suleiman I at Battle of Mohacs

Suleiman the Magnificent
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Battle of Mohacs: Suleimann I the Magnificent defeats Louis II of Hungary after just two hours of fighting near Mohács, Hungary.

This defeat leads to the Ottoman annexation of much of Hungary for the next several centuries.

After the loss of Belgrade in 1521, Hungarian leaders began to gather together a large army, but the largest it gets is merely 60,000, much too small to stand up to the 250,000 man army which took Belgrade. They couldn't even make a serious attempt to recapture Belgrade because the expedition forgot to take food along, leading to the army's breakup.

In today's battle the Hungarians only number around 50,000 while the Ottomans number at least 100,000. At least 14,000 Hungarians die in the battle while thousands more are massacred afterwards.

For the next 200 years, Hungary will be a constant battlefield between the Ottoman Turks and the Hapsburgs.


The Battle of Mohács

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