Hungarian Troops Loose to Ottoman Turks at Siege of Belgrade Hot

Hungarian Troops Loose to Ottoman Turks at Siege of Belgrade

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Siege of Belgrade: The Hungarian city Nándorfehérvár (later known as Belgrade) falls to an Ottoman Turk army of over 250,000.

Belgrade has been under siege by the Ottoman since the beginning of the month, and the defenders are simply unable to hold out any longer.

The losses on the side of the Ottomans are relatively few, whereas all the Hungarians will be killed despite a promise that none would be harmed.

In a few years, all of Hungary will be conquered by the same Ottoman army. Under Hungarian rule the site of Belgrad has primarily been just a fortress, but under Ottoman rule it will become one of the largest cities in all of Europe with over 100,000 residents.


Forgotten Battles: Nándorfehérvár

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