Suleiman I Sends Troops to Besiege Belgrade

Suleiman I Sends Troops to Besiege Belgrade

Suleiman the Magnificent
Source: Wikipedia

Siege of Belgrade: Suleiman I the Magnificent sends his Janissaries and an army of 250,000 to assault Nándorfehérvár (later known as Belgrade).

Defenders manage to hold out in the citadel until the end of the month, but they will finally be forced to surrender. The losses on the side of the Ottomans are relatively few.

All the Hungarians will be killed despite a promise that none would be harmed. Soon, all of Hungary will be conquered by the same Ottoman army.

Under Hungarian rule the site is primarily just a fortress; under Ottoman rule Belgrade will become one of the largest cities in all of Europe with over 100,000 residents.


Siege of Belgrade

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