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Death of Pope Alexander VI

Pope Alexander VI

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Pope Alexander VI dies in Rome. Alexander VI was one of the most controversial popes of the Renaissance era, and the Italianized form of his surname, Borgia, will become a byword for the debased standards and debauchery of the Catholic Church during this time.

His final words are supposedly: "I'll come, I'll come. It's normal for you to call me. But wait a bit more."

Alexander VI's maternal uncle was Callixtus III, who quickly made Rodrigo bishop, cardinal and vice-chancellor of the church. Despite such nepotism, he served five different popes and proved to be a capable administrator.

His private life was something else, however, and he had many mistresses. Among his (at least) four children were Lucrezia Borgia and Cesare Borgia, idol of Machiavelli.

Pope Alexander VI began his reign normally enough, but he quickly involved himself with the nepotism which had proved so helpful to him earlier in his career. Even in comparison to other Renaissance popes, his rule will be considered especially lavish and immoral.

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