Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II Sends His Fleet to Capture Otranto Hot

Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II Sends His Fleet to Capture Otranto

Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II enters Constantinople

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Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, conqueror of Constantinople, sends a fleet commanded by Gedik Ahmed Pasha westward.

It captures the Italian port city of Otranto and makes further incursions into Italy, but Mehmed's death in May leads to fighting among his sons over the leadership of the Ottoman Empire, and that will put an end to the expedition.

Had the Turks pressed forward, it is likely that they would have conquered most of Italy with little trouble, a feat accomplished by the French a few years later in 1494 and 1495.

Had that occurred at this time, just as the Renaissance is getting off the ground, the history of the world would have been dramatically different.


Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih (Mehmet II) — The Conquest of Constantinople

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