Election of Pope Paul II - Will Be Hated for Corrupt and Repressive Behavior

Election of Pope Paul II - Will Be Hated for Corrupt and Repressive Behavior

Pope Paul II

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Paul II is elected pope. Paul will not be popular among the humanists because of his repression of scholars and suppression of the Roman academy. Others will hate him because of his corrupt behavior.

Like other Renaissance popes, Paul II will be a great lover of shows and spectacles. He will spend large sums of money collecting silk clothing and jewelry and has the Palazzo di Venezia built in Rome. He also declares that Jubilee Years should be held four times every century instead of the traditional two in order to satisfy his love of shows.

Himself a beneficiary of nepotism because of his uncle, Pope Eugenius IV, Pope Paul II promises to end the practice during his reign — along with other reforms which are designed to improve the morals and administration of the Vatican.

Unfortunately, he also inherits political problems from his predecessor, Pius II, particularly a conflict with the Turks. In 1470 the last Venetian outpost in Greece, Euboea, will finally be overrun; Paul tries to call for a crusade, but nothing much comes of it.

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