City of Trebizond Captured by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II Hot

City of Trebizond Captured by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II

Successor States to the Byzantine Empire, 1204
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Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II captures the city of Trebizond, located on the southern Black Sea coast, putting an end to the Trebizond Empire. This was one of the successor states to the Byzantine Empire as well as the longest lived one.

Thus, according to some scholars, this day and event mark the actual end of the Byzantine Empire as well as the end of the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Trebizond Empire was founded in 1204 by Alexios Komnenos, a grandson of the last Komnenian Byzantine emperor. Alexios III Angelos was preoccupied with the army of the Fourth Crusade camped outside the walls of Constantinople, so Alexios Komnenos took the city of Trebizond and established his own empire.


Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih (Mehmet II) — The Conquest of Constantinople

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