Death of Pope Callistus III, Part of Infamous Borgia Family Hot

Death of Pope Callistus III, Part of Infamous Borgia Family

Pope Callistus III

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Pope Callistus III dies in Rome. Born Alfons de Borja into the infamous Borgia family, one of the nephews which he named as cardinal will himself later become pope and take the name Alexander VI.

The only reason that Callistus appears to have been elected in the first place was that he was so old and feeble that all of the cardinals considered him a safe compromise. He didn't really do much and in fact spent much of his reign sick in bed.

Just about the only thing Pope Callistus III did do was call for a Crusade against the Turks who had captured Constantinople in 1453; but this didn't amount to much because he was unable to find any Christian rulers who were interested in such an expedition. All that happened was that a small fleet sailed up and down the coast of Asia for three years, capturing a few islands.

In 1456 Calllistus had the case of Joan of Arc reopened and eventually had her cleared of the charges of heresy and witchcraft — 25 years after she had been burned at the stake. That same year he also placed increased emphasis on a number of anti-Jewish laws.

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