Jews Massacred at Palma de Mallorca Hot

Jews Massacred at Palma de Mallorca

How the Inquisition Treats the Jews

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Jews are massacred in Palma de Mallorca. At least 300 are killed and another 800 find refuge in the royal castle. All the others choose to submit to baptism in order to save their lives.

Hundreds of homes are burned, even including those of Christians trying to shelter Jews. The Jewish community is unable to protect itself because the previous year they were banned from carrying weapons, even in their own areas.

In 1392 King John I of Aragon will grant amnesty to all who have participated in violence against and murder of Jews because the motive was good: it was done for the welfare of king and state. Moreover, he will declare that any debt owed by a Christian to a Jew is null and void.


Secret Files of the Inquisition — Spain

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