Crusaders Evacuate Tortosa and Chateau Pelerin, Last Crusader Outposts Hot

Crusaders Evacuate Tortosa and Chateau Pelerin, Last Crusader Outposts

Crusader Fortress of Chateau Pelerin (Athlit, Israel)
Source: Wikipedia

Crusaders are forced to evacuate their fortresses at Tortosa and Chateau Pelerin. With Acre having fallen in May, these are the last two Crusader outposts in the Holy Land.

Tortosa has been the administrative center of the Knights Templar in Tripoli since they were given control of it in 1152. Chateau Pelerin was only built by the Templars in 1218, but it is large enough to support up to 4,000 troops during a siege.

With the fall of Acre, there isn't enough support for these fortifications and too many well-supplied hostile troops in the region. In addition, the loss of Acre and Jerusalem mean that the Knights Templar have also lost their primary mission for being in the Holy Land.

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