Fifth Crusade Lays Siege to Damietta at Mouth of Nile River Hot

Fifth Crusade Lays Siege to Damietta at Mouth of Nile River

Chain Tower of Damietta
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Fifth Crusade: Crusaders laying siege to Damietta take the city's Chain Tower. This tall fortress has guarded one end of a massive iron chain stretched across the Damietta branch of the Nile.

While this chain was in place, it was impossible for the Crusaders to fully engulf Damietta. An ingenious siege engine created by joining two ships finally makes it possible to scale the tower's walls and seize the island on which it is located.

Unfortunately, even the capture of the Chain Tower of Damietta doesn't end the siege quickly.

Located at the mouth of the Nile on the Mediterranean Sea, Damietta is an important strategic site for anyone looking to invade Egypt.

Leaders of the Fifth Crusade chose to start their campaign at Damietta because control of Damietta means control of the Nile. From here, the Crusaders believe they will be able to conquer Egypt, and then it's on to Palestine and Jerusalem.

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