Catholic Crusaders Lay Siege to Cathar Town of Termes Hot

Catholic Crusaders Lay Siege to Cathar Town of Termes

Expelling Cathars
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Crusaders in southern France trying to root out the Cathar movement lay siege to the town of Termes. The strong fortifications cause the residents to imagine that the castle of Termes is impregnable, but it has one weakness: no source of water.

Thus the attackers don't need to breach the walls, they just need to wait. The defenders will manage to hold out until December at which point they are forced to surrender.

By that point there will be very few Catholic towns left to offer any resistance to the Crusaders, but hostility among the nobility is increasing due to the brutality of the Crusaders. Even nobles who had been on the side of the papal army are less sympathetic now.

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