Catholic Crusaders Cut Water Access to Besieged City of Carcassonne

Catholic Crusaders Cut Water Access to Besieged City of Carcassonne

Carcassonne Ramparts
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During the Crusader siege of Carcassonne, the city's access to water is cut off. Raymond-Roger de Trencavel attempts to negotiate but is taken prisoner while under a flag of truce.

Because Carcassonne is suspected of being a Cathar city, the Catholic Crusaders don't feel that they need to honor anything like a flag of truce — heretics don't deserve that sort of consideration.

Raymond-Roger de Trencavel, however, isn't actually Cathar. Many of his subjects are, though, and he has adopted a tolerant attitude towards them and others who don't adhere to his form of Christianity. It's unclear whether the Crusaders know that his beliefs are orthodox or not, but tolerance of heresy is as bad as heresy anyway — especially to the leader of this Crusade, Arnaud Amaury, Abbot of Cîteaux and papal legate.


Carcassonne: Une cité au temps des Chevaliers

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