Guy de Lusignan Leads First Crusader Assault on Acre

Guy de Lusignan Leads First Crusader Assault on Acre

Guy of Lusignan
Source: Wikipedia

Siege of Acre: Guy de Lusignan launches the very first Crusader assault against the well-defended city of Acre but fails to take it. While his efforts thus far are a failure militarily, they are becoming a propaganda success.

The Third Crusade is just getting started, and Guy began his siege before any other military action could begin.

This makes his siege the first and only thing going on, thus attracting most of those streaming into Palestine to participate in the Third Crusade.

Eventually enough Crusaders will arrive to allow them to successfully take Acre, but that success will come at a terrible price in lives — and the ultimate goal, Jerusalem, is never achieved.

Perhaps if the Crusaders hadn't been distracted by Guy of Lusignan's personal conflict with Acre, thy might have been able to strike at Jerusalem immediately and take it.


Acre — the walled city

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