Guy de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Arrives to Start Siege of Acre Hot

Guy de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Arrives to Start Siege of Acre

Map of the Siege of Acre

Siege of Acre: Guy de Lusignan, king of Jerualem, arrives at the gates of Acre, determined to take the city for himself even though his force is far smaller than that of the city's Muslim garrison.

Guy and Sibylla had to relinquish control of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187 and sought refuge in Tyre, the region's last Christian city. But Conrad of Montferrat, ruler of Tyre, knew that Guy and Sibylla would want control of the city rather than just refuge and refused to grant them sanctuary.

Conrad (younger brother of Sibylla's first husband), is supported by the Balians and the Garniers, two of the most powerful families in Palestine, and lays claim to the crown Guy wears. Conrad's house of Montferrat is related to the Hohenstaufen family and is an ally of the Capetians, further complicating the political relationships among the leaders of the Crusade.

This siege of Acre will last until July 1192 and ends in a Crusader victory, but it's a very costly victory with many on both sides dying.


Siege of Acre 1191

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