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Death of Jerusalem's Young King Baldwin V

King Baldwin V of Jerusalem
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Baldwin V, young king of Jerusalem (Baldwin of Montferrat), dies of an illness in Jerusalem.

The son of Sibylla of Jerusalem and her first husband, William of Montferrat, Baldwin has only been king for a year — and even then, he was only nominally king because Count Raymond III of Tripoli actually ruled as regent.

After Baldwin's death there is a great deal of conflict over the succession and who should rule next. His mother, Sibylla, sister of King Baldwin IV, is crowned Queen of Jerusalem by Joscelin of Courtenay and her husband, Guy of Lusignan, is crowned King. This is contrary to the previous king's will — Sibylla was only supposed to be able to take power if her marriage were annulled.

Raymond III of Tripoli is prepared to stage a coup over the issue. His forces are based in Nablus and Raymond himself is in Tiberias; as a consequence, the entire kingdom is effectively split in two and chaos reigns.

Those who oppose the reign of Sibylla and Guy are right to do so because it will be a disaster. Their entire kingdom will be nearly wiped out by Saladin after the Battle of Hattin in 1187.

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