Nur ad-Din Defeats Large Crusader Force at Battle of Harim Hot

Nur ad-Din Defeats Large Crusader Force at Battle of Harim

Crusader States and the Near East in 1190
Source: Wikipedia

Battle of Harim: Nur ad-Din Zangi defeats a combined Crusader army made up of forces from the County of Tripoli, the Principality of Antioch, the Byzantine Empire, and Armenia.

Some reports place the number of dead Crusaders at over 10,000. Moreover, almost all of the Crusader leaders are captured: Konstantinos Kalamanos, Hugh VIII of Lusignan, Raymond III of Tripoli, Bohemund III of Antioch, and Joscelin III of Edessa.

Nur ad-Din only attacked the Crusader states because King Amalric I of Jerusalem had invaded Egypt, taking with him a large force and leaving the Crusader states open to attack.

In the Battle of al-Buqaia, Nur ad-Din was nearly captured. Next he moved to lay siege to Tripoli but the combined Crusader forces attacked him in a very disorganized manner, allowing him to destroy them decisively.


Saladin and the Crusades

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