Egyptians Fail to Take Jerusalem at Third Battle of Ramla

Third Battle of Ramla: The Egyptians try one more time to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Crusaders, and once again, they fail.

Ramla is located on the road between Jerusalem, formerly a Fatimid city which the Crusaders captured, and Ascalon, the largest fortified Fatimid outpost in Palestine. It is thus the site of numerous battles between Muslims and Crusaders.

This time Egyptian forces are better able to stand up to the cavalry charges of mounted knights, but an effective defense has not been perfected. In fact, the dependency of the Fatimids on massed bowmen means that their army has to do a lot of standing still, creating a stationary target that is perfect for large cavalry charges.

This allows the smaller numbers of Crusaders to defeat much larger Muslim forces. After the Third Battle of Ramla, no more large invasions will be launched from Egypt — raids, yes, but no concerted attempts to conquer the Crusaders states.

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