Turks Halt Final Wave of the First Crusade at Battle of Heraclea Cybistra

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Battle of Heraclea Cybistra: Turks under Kilij Arslan I are able to halt the advance of the final waves of Crusading armies from Europe traveling to reinforce the new Crusader States in Syria.

This is sometimes referred to as the Crusade of 1101 or the Crusade of the Faint-Hearted, consisting to a large extent of people who had turned back during the First Crusade and are now coming forward either out of shame or because they think that the way has been cleared for an easy trip.

Many of those who survived the First Crusade promptly left the Holy Land to return home because only a few ever intended to stay and hold the region for Christendom. So there aren't many troops left defending Jerusalem and the other cities they captured, which means they are desperate for reinforcements.

Some do make it as far as Jerusalem, but for the most part this minor Crusade is a failure — the Europeans can't even successfully reinforce their outposts in the Holy Land to protect what they've gained. This demonstrates to the Muslims in the region that the Crusaders are not invincible.

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