Election of Paschal II as Pope

Election of Paschal II as Pope

Pope Paschal II
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Paschal II is elected pope. Born Ranierius in Tuscany, Pope Paschal II will reign for twenty years — a fairly long time for a pope in the Middle Ages.

He will demand that the Patriarch of Constantinople recognize the Pope's primacy over "all the churches of God throughout the world," but nothing will come of that.

Pope Paschal II will appoint the first bishop of America: Erik Gnupsson is made bishop over Greenland and Vinland, four centuries before Columbus arrives in North America.

Pope Paschal II will play an important role in the Investiture Conflict. He encourages Holy Roman Emperor Henry V to rebel against his father and take over.

Henry V will, however, prove to be even more committed than his father to the idea that secular rulers have the right and authority to appoint bishops and abbots.

Paschal will be imprisoned in 1111 by Henry V until he agrees to permit lay investiture, but Paschal repudiates his agreement in 1118.

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