Crusaders Victorious at Battle of Ascalon, Last Battle of First Crusade Hot

Crusaders Victorious at Battle of Ascalon, Last Battle of First Crusade

Battle of Ascalon

Battle of Ascalon: Crusaders successfully fight off a Fatimid Egyptian army sent to relieve Jerusalem. This is the final battle in the First Crusade.

Prior to its capture by the Crusaders last month, Jerusalem had been under the control of the Fatamid Caliphate of Egypt, and the vizier of Egypt, al-Afdal Shahanshah, raises an army of 50,000 men that outnumbers the remaining Crusaders five to one, but which is inferior in quality. It isn't even as good as the Seljuk armies they had already defeated during their march to Jerusalem.

The Fatimid army was supposed to march on Jerusalem and lay siege to the city, though they had no siege equipment. While gathered in Ascalon, the Crusaders surprise them with a quick, decisive strike on the Muslims camped around the city. The Fatimids have no idea that the Crusaders are anywhere but Jerusalem and are caught completely unprepared, unable to offer serious resistance to the Crusader attack.

Al-Afdal and many troops manage to get inside the city of Ascalon, but by the next morning they will have already moved on, retreating back to Egypt.

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