Peasant Crusade's Leader Peter the Hermit Leads Supplicatory Processions in Jerusalem Hot

Peasant Crusade's Leader Peter the Hermit Leads Supplicatory Processions in Jerusalem

Peter the Hermit

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Peter the Hermit, principal leader of the failed Peasants' Crusade, serves as leader of the supplicatory processions in Jerusalem which occur prior to the battle of Ascalon.

Both the Catholic and Greek Orthodox clergy take part in prayers as well as the procession, which goes from the Holy Sepulchre to the Temple. The purpose of the prayers is to ask for God to help the Crusaders defeat a massive Fatimid army which is approaching Jerusalem.

During their march through the Holy Land towards Jerusalem, the Crusaders had been in negotiations with the Fatimids of Egypt. The Fatimids indicated a willingness to give up their claims over Syria, but not over Palestine. This was unacceptable to the Crusaders because their entire purpose was to take Jerusalem, which they did last month.

Now the Fatimids are sending a large army to besiege them and take Jerusalem back. Rather than wait, the Crusaders are heading out to meet them, hopefully at Ascalon, where they will defeat an Egyptian army that's about five times as large as theirs.


Peter the Hermit

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