First Crusade's Papal Legate Arnulf of Chocques Claims Discovery of the True Cross Hot

First Crusade's Papal Legate Arnulf of Chocques Claims Discovery of the True Cross

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Arnulf of Chocques, a papal legate in the army of the First Crusade and elected Patriarch of Jerusalem 4 days ago, claims to have discovered a relic of the True Cross.

A massive Fatimid army is on its way to besiege Jerusalem, which the Crusaders captured last month, and it's at least five times the size of the Crusader army.

The discovery of this relic is a big morale booster, and it's ironic that Arnulf of Chocques makes the discovery: when Peter Bartholomew claimed to have discovered the Holy Lance in Antioch as the Crusaders were under siege there in March, Arnulf was the biggest skeptic.

In fact, it was Arnulf's opposition that forced Peter Bartholomew to undergo trial by fire in order to prove his credibility. Peter died, but only after weeks of suffering, and this led people to conclude that he had passed. No one asks Arnulf of Chocques to undergo the same trial by fire to prove his own credibility.

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