Death of Le Puy's Bishop Adhemar, Nominal Leader of First Crusade Hot

Death of Le Puy's Bishop Adhemar, Nominal Leader of First Crusade

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Adhemar, Bishop of Le Puy and nominal leader of the First Crusade, dies during an epidemic, probably of typhus.

Adhemar has been involved with negotiations over who will be deferred to as leader of the First Crusade, and with his death the various rulers will squabble amongst each other, delaying further progress towards Jerusalem for months.

Adhemar's death also effectively ends any direct control over the Crusades that Rome might have had. From now on, the secular leaders of the Crusade are entirely on their own.

Adhemar of Le Puy has played an important political and diplomatic role on the First Crusade. He has been able to restore peace among the secular leaders when they fought amongst each other. He also negotiated with Alexius I Comnenus at Constantinople for supplies and passages for the Crusaders.

Finally, he was instrumental in maintaining morale during the terrible siege of Antioch. Even though he was highly skeptical of Peter Bartholomew's claim to have discovered the Holy Lance in Antioch (Constantinople already had one), he didn't say anything because he knew it would make the Crusaders more hopeful.


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