Godfey De Bouillon and His Army Join the First Crusade Hot

Godfey De Bouillon and His Army Join the First Crusade

Godfrey De Bouillon

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Godfrey De Bouillon, the Margrave of Antwerp and a direct descendant of Charlemagne, sets off from Lorraine to join the First Crusade at the head of an army of at least 40,000 soldiers.

The brother of Baldwin of Boulogne (the future Baldwin I of Jerusalem), Godfrey is able to amass such a large force because he has taken out loans on most of his lands or sold them outright. It is also believed that he extorts money from the Jews of Cologne and Mainz.

Godfrey and his brothers travel along "Charlemagne's Road" to reach Constantinople, the last staging area before the invasion of Muslim-held lands to the south. Godfrey's forces will be the second to arrive, following Hugh of Vermandois, and they remain there until Spring 1097.

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