Death of Al-Mansur, Muslim Ruler of Andalus Hot

Death of Al-Mansur, Muslim Ruler of Andalus

Caliphate of Cordoba c. 1000, at the apogee of Al-Mansur's rule
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Almanzor (Abu Aamir Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Aamir, Al-Hajib Al-Mansur), Muslim ruler of Al-Andalus, dies while on the way back from raiding the Rioja region of Spain.

Under his leadership, Muslim Iberia reached the height of its power and cultural development. Born Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir into a noble Arab family, he came to the court of Cordoba as a law student and spent the next few years scheming to increase his personal power.

Over time he became Chancellor, and after completely isolating Caliph Hisham II, who was just a young child, he was able to exercise absolute control over the region.

He took the title of Al-Mansur bi-llah, "Victorious by Grace of God," because of his incredible successes on the battlefield: he launched 57 different military campaigns over the course of his rule and was victorious each time. His primary targets were the Christian kingdoms of León and Castile.

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