Pope Valentine Elected, Will Reign Little More than a Month Hot

Pope Valentine Elected, Will Reign Little More than a Month

Pope Valentine
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Valentine is elected pope. He will reign for a little more than a month and, as a consequence, doesn't do anything of consequence.

At this time popes are still elected jointly by the people of Rome, the clergy, and the nobility. Valentine has chosen by all three unanimously, which is no small feat, and in the rush to install him as pope they forget to first consecrate him as priest — the first time this has ever happened, but not the last.

Pope Valentine was apparently a born to a noble family who rose quickly in the ranks of the Catholic Church because of how good of a scholar he was. This is an early example of a member of the Roman nobility being elected as pope, even before being able to become a priest, thus revealing the growing influence that the nobility has on the election of popes.

By the 10th century, the papacy will become little more than a plaything of the Roman nobility — an office with no real religious relevance but only sought for the sake of personal and familial power.

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