Death of Pope Severinus After Reign of Just a Two Months

Death of Pope Severinus After Reign of Just a Two Months

Pope Severinus
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Pope Severinus dies after a reign of just two months.

His election occurred quickly after the death of his predecessor, Pope Honorius I, but he wasn't immediately confirmed by Emperor Heraclius in Constantinople.

Heraclius demanded that Severinus first sign a Monothelite profession of faith before he could be confirmed and thus officially be installed as pope.

Monothelites believe that Christ had two natures, human and divine, but a single will. Their doctrine was declared heretical by western churches, but it still has a strong following in the east — including Emperor Heraclius.

Pope Severinus refused to sign it, even after his opponents sacked the Lateran palace. Eventually, the emperor accepted Severinus' election and Severinus was officially installed as pope — a mere two months before his death.

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