Theodoric the Great Scores Massive Victory Over Odoacer at Battle of Adda Hot

Theodoric the Great Scores Massive Victory Over Odoacer at Battle of Adda

Map of Europe and the Ostorgothic KingDom, 494 CE

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Battle of Adda: Theodoric the Great, with help from his ally Alaric II, leads the Goths to a massive victory over Odoacer at the Adda River, near Milan.

This is the last major land battle between Theodoric and Odoacer, with the latter now forced to retreat to Ravenna, which is easily defended.

Odoacer is the king of Italy who overthrew the Western Roman Empire in 476. Technically he is supposed to be the viceroy for Zeno, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, but he has been encroaching on Byzantine territory and refuses to respect Byzantine rights.

Theodoric moved his forces into Italy at Zeno's invitation to rectify the situation.

In 493 Theodoric will host a banquet for the signing of a peace treaty with Odoacer; once it's signed he kills Odoacer personally and assumes full control over the remnants of the Western Roman Empire.

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