Death of Roman Emperor Honorius

Death of Roman Emperor Honorius

Emperor Honorius
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Timeline of History


Roman emperor Honorius (Flavius Honorius Augustus) dies of edema in Ravenna, Italy. Honorius had moved his capital to Ravenna because it was easier to defend against the Visigoths who were moving into Italy.

At the same time, however, the placement of Roman forces around Ravenna made central Italy more vulnerable. This made the overall political situation in the Western Roman Empire even more unstable than it already was.

Honorius ruled over Gaul, Italy, and Hispania, all of which were regularly being invaded by barbarian tribes. Honorius didn't have the troops or the leadership necessary to protect those lands, so it also became a regular occurrence for usurpers to rise up and promise the people protection.

The fact that Honorius became consul at age two and Augustus at age eight didn't help: for most of his rule, he was dependent upon others to enforce the laws and keep the peace.


Emperors of Rome: Honorius

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