Roman Emperors Rescind Arians' Permission to Gather and Built Churches Hot

Roman Emperors Rescind Arians' Permission to Gather and Built Churches

Roman Emperor Valentinian II

Roman Emperors Valentinian II and Theodosius I issue a decree that rescinds earlier permissions for Arians to have gatherings and build churches.

According to this decree:

"We have learned that some of Arians cite in their defense a general rule permitting their gatherings. That rule shall be abrogated, and in fact no such order has emanated from Our imperial sanctuary.

If anything like that is henceforth cited by them for their own advantage, and if anyone circulated such regulations, he will be held guilty of forgery." [CTh 16.5.16]

During this time of the Roman Empire, the emperors go back and forth on just how much the various Christian heresies should be suppressed and how much they should be tolerated. Sometimes emperors and other officials subscribe to views later regarded as heresies, so it's no surprise that some would believe that a particular heresy was being tolerated, at least to an extent.


Emperors of Rome: Valentinian II

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