Assassination of Roman Emperor Gratian by a Rebel General Hot

Assassination of Roman Emperor Gratian by a Rebel General

Emperor Gratian

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Roman Emperor Gratian is assassinated by a rebel general in Lyon. Magnus Maximus launched a rebellion against Gratian in Britain — partly because of the disastrous defeat in Adrianople and partly because of Gratian's suppression of a paganism.

Gratian's military weakness has cost him a great deal of support in the army; his suppression of paganism has cost him even more support because there are still many pagans in the Roman Empire.

Magnus Maximus invaded Gaul, and Gratian, who was in Paris at the time, fled to Lyon in the hope that he could rally around himself enough loyal troops. His efforts fail as there simply isn't enough support for Gratian to prevent him from being betrayed and killed.


Emperors of Rome: Gratian

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